Attention ASHRAE Pittsburgh Members: Please Update Your Bios on the ASHRAE Website


Here's How:


1. Go to to and logon to the ASHRAE website using your email address and password.


2. Go to the Membership & Conferences tab and click on My Membership


3. On the next screen, click on Update Your Bio/View or Edit Your Profile


4. Locate your name on the screen. Immediately above your name, locate a horizontal list of links such as Bio Info and Demographics. These are the individual tabs that make up your bio record.


5. You are currently in the Bio Info tab, which contains your name, ethnicity, and date of birth, all of which you can edit. Below this box, you can also edit Languages by clicking on the "add" button to the far right to add a language or the pencil icon below Languages to edit an existing language entry.


6. You have permission to edit selected records. To determine if you have permission to edit a record, open a tab and locate the "add" button on the far right of the screen.


a. If a record has the "add" tab, you can edit it. An example of a record you can edit is Edu Pro Reg.


b. If a record does not have the "add" tab, you cannot edit it. An example of a record you cannot edit is Membership.


7. To edit another section of your bio, click on one of the items above your name.


a. To add a new item, click on the "add" button.


b. To edit an existing item, click the pencil to the left of that item.


c. To delete an item, click the red "X".


d. One exception: In the Participation item, if you want to add or edit an item in the "Additional bio info" section, click the pencil.


8. If a record you cannot edit needs to be changed, send an email to Attach a markup of the record showing the editing needed. We will make the change and notify you when it is complete.


To print your biographical record:


1. Click on the Bio Info item above your name.


2. To the right of your name, click on print my profile (bio). Your complete bio will appear on the screen. You can print it or save it to a location on your computer.


Pitt Students: Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering - ASHRAE Scholarship



Are you aware that ASHRAE offer a one year, $3,000 university-specific scholarship to an undergraduate mechanical engineering student at Pitt? The donor, Dorothy Mehalick, set up the scholarship in 2003 on behalf of her deceased husband, a Pitt alumnus and ASHRAE member. For more information about the scholarship and to acquire an application, go to the ASHRAE website at